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You can see all of the pictures on the web site, but how can you put them in your own materials and presentations? No need to worry, we have outlined the steps from saving the image off the web to altering it to meet your needs.

Remember, all of the images on this site are copyright free for educational use. We want you to use our images! (See the Terms of Use.)

Saving the Image (PCs)

To save an image off our web site (or any web site), just right click on the image. You will then choose the option that says Save Image As, or something similar. Choose the directory you want to save the image to and click OK. The image is now on your computer. Remember in what directory you saved the image!

Saving the Image (Macs)

Click on the image and HOLD down the mouse button. From the menu that appears, choose "Save image as" and designate where you want to save the image. "Copy the image" will put a copy in the clipboard for pasting into a document.

 Now that I have the image saved, what should I do with it?