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Now that I have the image saved, what should I do with it?

The opportunities are endless! Print out for discussion or lessons, include them in your students' work, put on your school's web page, incorporate in educational curriculum, put on bulletin boards, etc.

What if the image isn’t the right size?

The image may be perfect, or it may need to be changed a bit. You may want to alter the size, select only a certain section or parts, change the brightness, or many other alterations. Most of all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a graphics program.

To work with the image, we recommend you use Paintshop Pro, a shareware program. You can download the software for free off the Internet; and, if you find the program useful, you can buy it for a reasonable price.  For more information on using Paintshop Pro, or to download a copy, visit their web site.

Ideas for the Classroom

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