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  Papermaking in Malawi, Africa.  Photos by Peace Corsp Volunteer Susan Ross.
Making Paper
in Malawi
Morocco or
a galaxy far, far away?
  A spider approachs an airmail letter.  Photo by Peace Corps Volunteer Mary Akers.
Mail's here!
The Peace Gallery was created by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to help fulfill the Third Goal of the Peace Corps - to help promote a better understanding of other people and cultures around the world.
Peace Corps Volunteers and their Communities
Masked dancer at the funeral of Ambasagou Kassogué, Kedjeli, Dologou, Dogon Country, Mali. Photo by PCV Shawn Davis.
Peace Corps Volunteer Shawn Davis presents photos from Mali, Africa.
Tarawa, the capital island of Kiribati, was the sight of one of the bloodiest WWII battles. These two British guns remain pointed out to sea as a reminder of different times. Photo by Peace Corps Volunteer Meg Kinghorn. Meg Kinghorn brings us pictures from her Peace Corps experience in Kiribati. Some of the sellers in Engels market. Most of the jars are filled with homemade sour cream--smetana--in Russian, thick, and very good. Photo by Peace Corps Volunteer Judith Chayes Neiman.
Photos from Russia by PCV Judith Chayes Neiman.
Mannish Water! Whenever there is a party in Jamaica you are bound to run into this soup. Mannish Water is made from parts of the goat including the head, feet, and scrotum. It tastes better than it sounds. Photo by Peace Corps Volunteer Scott Wallace.
PCV Scott Wallace explains the origins of "Mannish Water".
This girl is the daughter of the
PC Volunteer Christine Strater presents photos from Equatorial Guinea, Africa.
PCV Carol Tumaylle and friends.  Photo by Peace Corps Volunteer Carol Tumaylle.
Carol Tumaylle works in Rayoloma, Ecuador as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
The Peace Gallery is not part of the United States Peace Corps, which is a federal agency. For information on joining the Peace Corps please visit them on the web (but first take a look around The Peace Gallery to see photos of the work Volunteers are doing around the world).

The Peace Gallery began in 1997 to support the third goal of the Peace Corps - "to strengthen Americans' understanding about the world and its peoples." With hundreds of photos with descriptions by returned Peace Corps Volunteers, the Peace Gallery provides a view of the world rarely seen outside of the Peace Corps experience.

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